Enable your satellite mission with cost-effective in-space mobility.

The integrated propulsion system, that requires no integration.



of Satellites


Custom orbits can only be reached with extreme costs


Mission reconfigurations and space debris evasion are impossible


Imminent space traffic regulations might render mobility mandatory

“A widespread perception of unmet demand for moving around small satellites in orbit is attracting companies to the last-mile logistics sector”


Maximum flexibility



Universal compatibility with payload adapter which is already part of every satellite


Maximum user friendliness due to fully encapsulated design and simple integration

Low cost

Lowest procurement and integration costs on the market


Powers us

The GATE Jetpack is powered by the world’s first satellite thruster capable of transient deep throttling at constant performance in a ratio of 1:10 via single-parameter linear thrust control, differential thrust stabilization, and enhancement of combustion stability and ignition gentleness.


To Space

Project launch | Q1 2022
Project launch | Q1 2022
3 patents filed
60+ successful hot-fire tests
Incubation at European Space Agency
Incubation at Beyond Gravity
Seed round | Q1 2023
Seed round | Q1 2023
Endurance testing
ECSS certification
In-orbit demonstration
Market entry | Q1 2025
Market entry | Q1 2025


Drives Us

We share a common passion for aerospace engineering, which exceeds our professional ambitions. Our diverse, yet complimentary backgrounds in fluid mechanics, rapid prototyping, strategy, finance and marketing equip us with the skills necessary for tackling a broad spectrum of problems. We excel in finding innovative engineering solutions to complex challenges – even in the context of financial and infrastructural constraints.

For years, the team has been developing chemical propulsion systems. In total, we have conducted

… more than 100 hot-fire tests of chemical propulsion systems

… using 6 different propellant combinations

… on 5 in-house developed testing platforms.

“Rocket science is hard, but this team is able to do it”

Franz Viehböck, Astronaut

Moritz is leading and managing GATE Space. He uses his knowledge of the aerospace industry and his leadership experience to oversee the organizational aspects of the project.

Moritz Novak
Chief Executive Officer

Alex’s experience in managing complex multidisciplinary technical projects and his excellent knowledge of the space industry helps the company through the challenging process of developing a state-of-the-art product.

Alexander Sebo
Chief Technology Officer

Clemens specializes in corporate finance and organizational structure & processes, ensuring that GATE Space is not just on the leading edge of technology but also a viable business.

Clemens Weisgram
Chief Financial Officer

Taras is at the interface between people and product. His people skills, self-taught experience in various manufacturing disciplines and can-do attitude are precious for the company.

Taras Weinl
Chief Operating Officer

Simon is the head testing engineer ensuring excellent performance and manufacturability of all future products. With his enthusiasm for rocket engines, he will take all components to their limits while improving them.

Simon Schobesberger

Daniel is an electrical engineer involved in various aerospace projects with a wide range of experience – focused on electronics and software but also spanning fluid systems, rocket propulsion, flight dynamics, prototyping and manufacturing.

Daniel Frank

Max feels exceptionally comfortable between the disciplinary borders of art and engineering. Projects in his free time and freelance work underline his know-how in design and photography.

Max Gruber

Andi is a software and firmware engineer, developing various applications ranging from UI to bare metal embedded firmware required for the development and testing of GATE Space products. His software ensures a safe, smooth and efficient testing process.

Andreas Ungersböck

Rudolph has a strong background in the fields of mechanical and electrical engineering and is responsible for developing, simulating, optimizing and manufacturing mechanical components.

Rudolph Ring
Mechanical Engineering


Advises Us

We are supported by an experienced advisory board of 12 industry experts who have founded and sold tech companies at a combined valuation of 500M, and more than 100 years of combined professional experience at companies like Beyond Gravity and Boeing, and academic institutions such as ETH, KTH, University of Cambridge, University of Oxford and Yale University.

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